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DMU 2.1 erschienen

Eine neue Version des Database Migration Assistant for Unicode (DMU) ist erschienen. In der Version 2.1 bietet das Tool nun Unterstützung bei der Unicode-Migration mit Hilfe von Golden Gate zur Minimierung der Ausfallzeit:

Oracle DMU 2.1, released in May 2015, supports a near-zero downtime migration model in conjunction with the Oracle GoldenGate replication technology. Using DMU 2.1 and GoldenGate or later, you can set up a migration procedure that takes advantage of the DMU data preparation and in-place conversion capabilities while leveraging GoldenGate to replicate incremental data changes on the production system during the migration process, thereby effectively eliminating the downtime window requirement. Other new features in DMU 2.1 include migration profile support, problem data report, and transparent repository upgrade.